SagePay address problem


The SagePay integration is now completely broken - none of my customers are able to pay online at all. I’ve tested on several browsers and get the same error, attached:

I really appreciate QF and especially the fact that it’s free, but for me the main reason that I decided to move to it was the lure of SagePay integration. I think this is now the fourth time I’ve had to let you know that it’s not working! Is there something that can be done to improve its reliability?

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Fixed it! I suppose I should have read the error more carefully. The clients I had raised the invoices for didn’t have enough details in the address fields, which evidently get passed to SagePay first. (Even though the client can then edit the address before paying!)

By putting some garbage in there, I was able to get it through to the next stage.

It’s worth knowing though - just putting a town in the address field is not enough. Perhaps there could be a note on the client details to this extent, or something in the knowledgebase?

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I’d be interested to know why SagePay insist that a billing address is supplied? Most payment providers collect this at the point of payment and leave it open as a optional parameters should you wish to prepopulate this. Why should is hard fail if an address isn’t supplied, it makes no sense?

I’m happy to run some different test with SagePay to see what triggers this error. I’m all for improving reliability, but we can’t do a complete overhaul with SagePay as we just don’t have the numbers to support it at the moment. They’ve lost a lot of market share over the years due to increased competition.

FYI: I’ve had a conversation with SagePay and confirmed the billing address is a required field. He has suggested a workaround that will always prevent these types of errors and that is basically to look for an address and on our side and if it is not available for a given client to pass in the following details.

Address line 1: 0
City: -
Postcode: 00
Country: GB

This is not ideal but it will prevent hard failures like the one you reported. We will implement this on our side today and it will be live by Monday morning.

Many thanks as always for looking into this and for finding a solution so quickly. Much appreciated, and good to know it’s fixed! Jason

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No problem, please keep me posted on any other matters relating to SagePay. We’re committed to making this process as smooth as possible.