Sainsburys Credit Card Bank Feed

I use Quickfile for both my partners business & mine. I am unable to do but bank feed for Sainsburys Credit card - as although it is featured on the Yodlee bank feed, when you set up the feed - you have to use OTHER as Sainsburys is not there. You then do not get the option to set up the feed, as it still says please enter the name of your bank here… but Sainsburys is not there !!

Please help !

Hi @Caroline60

The “Other” option doesn’t have a bank feed option. What you would need to do is select a bank from the list which doesn’t have an Open Banking feed (e.g. “Capital On Tap” or “Tesco Bank” - neither of which have their own feed at the moment).

This will allow you to select “Activate Bank Feed”, but will give you the option to connect any supported bank through Yodlee.

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