Sales by product

Hi, is there a way of seeing sales by product? We use the inventory for different types of product, mainly to save on having to keep typing the same description/cost, and several products will end up in the same nominal code because there wasn’t a need to split them out. However if I now want to be able to just see which sales invoices contain one particular inventory item is there a way to do that or do I need to go through each entry in the nominal to find them manually?

Hello @BBK

If you’re using the inventory, you can do an “advanced search” on the inventory management page and show the quantity used between 2 dates. This wouldn’t give you the monetary value, but it would give you the quantity.

Does this help?


Only in that I now know there are 20 of that particular product - which is handy - but I guess to track down the actual invoices I would still need to look through the nominal that they’d be part of?

Unfortunately yes. It’s used more of an invoice quick entry rather than tracking quantity and/or values.

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