Sales Commission Statement Report


I have external sales agents who receive a fixed commission for all billable’s made to a client they onboard with my company.

I would like to run regular sales commission statements for their particular clients so they know how much to invoice my company for that week / month.

Is there an inbuilt sales feature to do this, or a third party product I can use to connect to quickfile via an API?

Many Thanks

You can use sales agents names as project tags while recording commission and then run reports based on project tag

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Sounds good, but I don’t want to raise invoices to clients showing sales rep commissions.

Projects tags are not visible to clients or customers on final invoice preview

Thanks but I am aware of this, it seems I would have to add the commission to each invoice raised and then project tag it, then manually calculate each commission.

This is not the automated solution I seek. I need a solution that will run an automated commission statement for each sales rep, which will calculate their commissions for billables for each client they on boarded and will be a formatted report with itemisation.

Im not looking for a manual workaround or something which would be time consuming or complicated to delegate to another member of staff. I was hoping there was a report or feature to do this.

Hello @cosmicdave

There isn’t an option to add this at the moment. However, what @FaradayKeynes would work. Project tags can be added at the point of invoice creation - whether this is done manually, through the API, from receipt hub or the bank statement page.

It would just be a matter of then viewing the projects report (Reports >> Projects) to view the invoices totals. That is assuming you pay a fixed rate based on the invoice value. We don’t have any option to filter the projects by date at the moment, but we’re happy to consider adding this is this is something of interest?

Yes, we do offer a fixed rate based on the invoice value. If we could filter the project tag by date that would definitely be helpful and make the process easier. Thank you.

@cosmicdave - I’ve discussed this with our development team as I agree this would be useful. We’ve added it to the planner. I’ll let you know when it’s complete and live :slight_smile:

@cosmicdave - Just wanted to give you an update with this one.

We have added a date range search filter for the project tag report, so this will hopefully help with this. I however noticed that rows with no values (no sales nor purchases) still appear, so I have asked this to be looked at.

When you get a few moments, take a look, and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Great, I have tested it and works perfectly fine to me. it would be nice if there was a way to calculate the payable commissions within the report, other than that, its very helpful. Thank you.