Sales inventory and mass import/update

Hi there. I’m currently using the sales inventory for quick adding of items to invoices.

However I have a lot of product lines and the pricing is changing monthly on some items.

Is there a way to mass import or update the sales inventory?

Currently I use a spreadsheet to track the products and costs/margins before manually changing items but this is slow and time consuming.

Hopefully someone has a good solution or work around?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SimonG

You can import sales inventory items by going to Account Settings >> Import Data >> Import Inventory Items

Thank you I’ll check that out. Will it overwrite existing data or create new entries?

Hi @SimonG

I believe it will just create new entries but if there are items with the same name it may fail as a duplicate so you would need to go through and remove any items that need updating before you upload the new file

Thank you. Is there a way to bulk delete then?

I suspect it would be faster for me to delete all and re-upload each time.

You can delete 50 at a time from the Sales Inventory management screen:


Brilliant. Thank you, that’s really helpful.

If a sales inventory item is deleted does this affect any historical sales invoices?


This shouldn’t affect any existing invoices.

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