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Sales invoice CSS / Customisation

Struggling to see where I can change some sales invoice CSS.

Currently the invoice label says “Notes” above the line description for time based sales items. I’d like to change this from “Notes” to “Narrative”.

I can only see Sales invoice CSS for mobile view. Can anyone advise?

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 17.58.34

Hi @alan.mackintosh

This guide should help you: CSS transformations

Go to invoice style gallery, select the invoice you want to change, then select “customise style”

within the css box editor, which pops up, add this to the end, then save it.

.transform-taskHead_02 {
content: “Narrative”;

You can also name the invoice as something different, before saving, like my custom invoice, for example.

You can edit that in the top box of the css editor, where it says, “Style Name”

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