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Sales Invoice Discount



I like the global discount that you can apply to a sales invoice, however, I don’t like the fact that is automatically applies it to the nominal code associated with the first invoice line. I would be great if you could have a global configuration option to specify a discounts nominal code and only apply to the first item when this configuration is not set.



Hi @amyearsley

I believe the way it works at the moment is to prevent rounding issues. While applying 10% discount to a two lined invoice is pretty straight forward, applying a 8% discount to a 10 line invoice with 20% VAT on some items makes it a little bit more complex.

However, we do certainly appreciate your feedback, and I can certainly ask our development team to take a closer look into this if there’s enough interest from the community. We’ll leave this topic open for others to add their vote and comments.


Yes understand that hard to apply across multiple lines without Rounding differences which is why I think having a global setting to specify where all Discounts should be posted to would be a good compromise.


If you’re looking to post them straight to a specific nominal, you can already do this by posting it as a negative value line on the invoice. This gives you full control over the description, nominal, value and VAT element of it too.


Yes I realise that is an option but that requires a manual calculation which could lead to errros. I certainly wouldn’t rely on a manual calculation performed by the person who entered our invoices as she is an administrator and not an accountant.

As I said in my first post, the current function is so close to being perfect if only you could configure the nominal code you want to the discounts to be posted to. We want all of ours to go to a discounts allowed code. I tried to trick the system and a zero line to the required nominal but the system skipped it and picked the first non zero line to post it to. I’m not suggesting that that is a solution either because that is a fudge instead of a properly thought through function.