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Sales Invoice with Commission Deducted


How do you deal with the following

When I sell goods I recieve a sales invoice from market. It will include the cost of goods sold, then less commission and Vat on commission.
So my entry into my bank is sales -commission & Vat so somthing like this

Total sales - £3000
Commission - £50
VAT - £10
Total - £2940

Due to seller - £2940

How do I deal with this in Quickfile


Conceptually it isn’t really different to taking a credit card payment where the card company skims off their percentage. My reaction is to treat the market place as if it was a merchant account. This is covered in the knowledgebase.


Is it possible to have a Company listed as both a Sales Client and as a Purchase Client ? I could then enter the both the sales amount as a Sales Invoice and then also enter the commission as a Purchase Invoice against the same client ?


Hi @uptheswa

You would have to set the same company up twice; once as a Sales Client and again as a Purchase Client.

You can then contra the entries as required.

Let us know if you need help with this.


I have raised a purchase invoice and a sale invoice for a client that charges commission. I am not sure now how to link those to the bank statement amount. Any recommendations please?

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