Sales invoices attached documents search

Sales Invoices attached documents

In purchases it’s easy to identify which invoices have an attachment. You even have the possibility of searching invoices without scans.

Is it possible/how can you do this for sales invoices? Is it something that if not available would be easy to add within the search screen (invoices with and without scans attached)?

Hello @1andy_mc

I think the underlying reason it’s not so visible on a sales invoice compared to a purchase invoice is they’re not a requirement. For example - if you’re using the document link for purchase, ideally you would have a copy of the original invoice attached, whereas with a sales invoice, it in itself is often the document.

I’ve converted this to a feature request however, and if there’s enough interest in this, then we can certainly take a closer look at the feasibility of this.

Hi I fully understand.

It would be a great help though. In the Charity Sector we get grants as income. It’s a great feature we can attach the various documents regarding the income to the Invoice. This would be further enhanced if we could see which invoices have Attachments.

I fully understand if this is not often requested and a low priority

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