Sales invoices posting to 7406 subsistence in Chart of Accounts

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I have discovered 4 sales invoices and a credit note during May to August this year showing in 7406 in the chart of accounts which is massively skewing the reports I’m running. I can’t move them out - are you able to help as a matter of urgency please? They aren’t showing in 4000 in the chart of accounts but the May invoice did get pulled through correctly to the 05/17 VAT return luckily.


When you say you can’t move them out do you mean the invoices are locked due to the vat return? You could try the “move to a new code” option from the nominal account view, or if that doesn’t work just journal the total amount across. The VAT return will be correct as it doesn’t distinguish by nominal code, it just treats all sales invoices as sales and all purchase invoices as purchases.

Hi Ian

Thanks for your reply. The option to move them to 4000 isn’t listed in the move to another code postings box.

I’m more concerned that sales invoices and credit notes shouldn’t be appearing in the subsistence code at all.
Can you confirm why it is happening?
I’d rather it be corrected than I have to look at checking each invoice or credit note issued and then journalling. They are all for the same client too.

Many thanks

I can’t personally confirm anything as I don’t work for QuickFile so I don’t have back-door access to anyone’s data (including my own), I can only guess based on my own experience.

How were these invoices created? Normally a brand new blank invoice will default to general sales, but if one initial invoice was accidentally created posting to the wrong account (someone clicked on the cog wheel and changed the category) and then subsequent invoices were created by copying this one or setting up a recurring profile rather than creating them from blank then they’d all inherit the same setting. And a credit note derived from an invoice will post to the same nominal as the original invoice unless you actively change it to do otherwise.

Hi @AccNan,

It’s probably best if we initiate a private message here to gather some more info. I will send you a private message now, keep a look out for a green notification icon in the top right of the forum.


Just as a side note. One way you can have sales invoices posting to expense codes is if you rebill an expense with the contra option selected.

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