Sales payment in wrong account in closed quarter

I have recorded a paid invoice in my current account in the last quarter which is now locked. It was actually paid to my personal account and I forgot. Essentially I have recorded the correct figures for HMRC, but no my current account is showing a balance that is too high as the business account never received the money. How can I adjust this?

Hi @Neil27173

Is the payment locked due to a VAT return, or because of year end?

Yes it’s because of a closed VAT return. Really I should have transferred the money from my personal account to the current account when it came in but it was right at the start of my first month’s trading and I was a little busy and forgot. Then I recorded the payment in as going to the current account, so that account is now showing an excess of about 900 quid when compared to the actual bank statement

Thanks for confirming.

If you find the payment (e.g. Sales >> View all payments) and view the details, on the right hand side you will see the account name. Click the pencil, and you should have the option to change the bank account it’s linked to.

The other way to view this information is to do it from the invoice itself - click the link at the top to view the specific payments linked to it and do the same from that way.

Brilliant thanks! Obviously my personal account isn’t linked in here so I’m guessing I can just drop it into the directors loan account?

That sounds correct! :slight_smile:

You should see the Director’s Loan Account (DLA) as your own bank account. Basically, if the account is positive, it means you owe the business money. Likewise, if the balance is negative, the business owes you.

So if you did pay for a business expense out of your own pocket, it should be accounted for from the DLA and then when the business reimburses you, tag the outgoing transaction as a transfer to the DLA to balance it out again. Hope that makes sense?

Perfectly! Thanks again

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