Sales Payments show To and From companies reversed

Hello. I have noticed that all payments received (Sales Purchases - SP00000X) have the payment shown as coming from my company to the paying company rather than from them to mine. The format matches those on Purchase Payments (PP00000X), but those are correct with the payment coming from my company to the supplier.

Hi @kmltd

I’ve logged this with the development team for review. Thanks for letting us know!

I’d argue this is not a bug as such, since the documents generated by QuickFile are all from your point of view and the purchase payment and sales payment documents serve different purposes. For a purchase payment it’s a remittance advice from me to my supplier saying “hi supplier, I’ve just paid you £x for purchase Y”. But for a sales payment it’s a payment receipt from me to my customer saying “hi customer, thank you for your payment of £X for invoice Y”.

Hi Ian. Understood. Was not looking at it from that point of view, but can see your rational. I suppose that the purchase payments could be labelled differently (remittance advice or similar) as even if supplying these to the customer it would still read to them like a payment from me to them from the appearance of the note. At least all clear now and thank you for the help, new to the platform sop much appreciated.

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