Sales Receipt creation

Some on line purchases are made through PayPal via the website
In Quickbooks I create a sales receipt which generates a sale. What facility does Quickfile provide? Is there a per-prepared style sheet available?

In QuickFile all income can be bound to a sales invoice, an invoice that is full paid doubles up as a receipt. You can configure PayPal to automatically tag your PayPal transactions to an invoice on your feed settings. You can then send a copy of this to the client if you wish.

QuickFile can also host a full control panel for each of your clients where they can log in and access any new or historic invoices created.

@AJT : I know that Quickbooks sales receipts are perfect for those who have payment upfront. This way there is no assigning payment to them. However, here in Quickfile you will raise the invoice with your customers details in. Preview & Send and then assign a payment to it on the following page.

Other than that, a Super User Account as I have been told many times can create multiple entries. This is more of a spreadsheet format.

Client Name -> Description -> Amount.
Client Name -> Description -> Amount.
Client Name -> Description -> Amount.

Then submit them all with a payment to go with.

I’m guessing this is what you meant?

When you manually raise invoices in QuickFile the payment is assigned on the following screen (there is a feature request to mark as paid on creation).

You can still use the multi-entry screen if you’re not a Power User, it just means that batch you enter must all be assigned to the same client. On the multi-entry screen you can assign them as paid all in one go.

The Multi-Invoice Entry Form

The other thing you can do is just wait for the payments to arrive on your bank account, tag them and send a payment receipt notification to your client.

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