Sales Reports - total sales by customer over time period


I would like to analyse total sales per customer over a set time period, or average sales value per customer over a set time period. I saw there was a post similar to this back in 2013 where there was no solution at that point, so I just wondered if anything had changed in the interim and maybe the custom reports (which I don’t pretend to understand how to use) could maybe do something?

Currently it looks as though I’d have to work it all out manually. If I export the nominal codes I could theoretically sort the columns to group the customers together…except that the description column all starts with the word ‘client’ so that’s not a quick win either.

Any suggestions?

Hello @BBK

From the Client list (Sales >> View clients), you can do an Advanced Search and include columns for total invoices, total received and prepayments.

This doesn’t give you a pretty graph, but it will give you the data I believe you’re looking for.

Aha, that is very useful, thanks.

Is there a way of exporting multiple pages in one go or do I have to manually cut and paste all the pages back together?

You would need to export them 50 at a time I’m afraid

Okey dokey :+1: Being able to export more than 50 (in all reports) would be such a time saving feature please.

There is an existing feature request open for this (along with an explanation on why we don’t currently support it). I’ll try and find it and update my post shortly.

The explanation regarding the limit can be found here

The feature request thread can be found here.

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