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Is it possible to create new sub-categories within the sales category so several sales nominal codes would group together onto the profit & loss report and show as several new sub-categories
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I am afraid that I have been trying to visualize what you mean and have come up with three different scenarios. Could you give us an example?

I think the question relates to have several nominal codes on the account, but when a P&L is generated. It would simply show as ‘Sales’. If this is the case, it’s not directly available. However what you could do as a bit of a workaround is at year end when you Finalise your accounts, journal everything from a bunch of nominal to one main one.

Hopefully that helps?

I was hoping to be able to see something like this on the P&L report:

Sales Type A - this category would cover several new nominal codes
Sales Type B - this category would cover several other new nominal codes
Other -

If not possible, I will look at a custom report as I didn’t want to see all my sales just as “sales” on the P&L report.


You can create additional sales nominal codes and then post to these codes from your invoices (see here). These nominal codes will then be individually reported on your P&L:

What you can’t do is group together nominal codes and have them report on a single line within the P&L. However custom reports would allow you to group together activity for a range of nominals and plot this on a graph.

Thank you for your response

Have you considered the project tagging feature? Maybe you could use different nominal codes for your “major” categories and then project tags to separate out the minor sub-categories? The main P&L would then show the main categories but you can look at the project reports to break it down by sub-category.


Thank you for your reply - most useful!

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