Sales Tax Control Account Report

Hi, How to create Sales tax control account report from Quickfile? Please advise.

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Hi @Dev_Bhattacherjee

What are you looking for exactly? There are a few that could help, but if you could share a few more details, then hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

I am looking for a report where from I can check the closing balance of Sales tax control account will tie up with that report at the end of any period I want to match. For an example, the way we check debtors control report from debtors/creditors report in other reports section on quickfile.

Ok, there are a few ways to do this:

  • Reports >> All Reports >> Debtor / Creditor Report
    This report will show a breakdown of all the debtors or creditors on the account, and give you a total. This does however break it down by invoice, but you can set the date for the view.

  • Reports >> All Reports >> Trial Balance
    This will show you an opening and closing balance of your nominal codes during a selected period (e.g. an accounting year).

I do understand how to generate the debtors/creditors report but you didn’t get my point what I exactly want. Additionally, as an accountant I know what Trial balance produce. By the way you have deviated from the whole topic what I exactly want. I want to create a similar sort of report like debtors/creditors report where from it can proof that closing balance of sales tax control account / purchase tax control account as per Balance sheet is correct.

If your software do not produce this sort of report then please let me know so that, we can save each others time.

Apologies if I didn’t understand your query.

If it’s the breakdown of the closing balance you’re after, the Chart of Accounts would show that. This is pretty much the backbone to everything on your account.

From the chart of accounts (Reports >> Chart of Accounts), you can view a breakdown of every transaction that has taken place against that nominal code. Just click on the magnify glass:

This shows you all the transactions that takes place during the time period you specify, like this:

If your accountant is asking for data such as this, it’s often easier to create a user account for them rather than trying to export or print this data. That way, they can drill down as much as needed.