Sales turnover P&L vs Segmented P&L

I have noticed that when I call for a P & L report the turnover reflected shows a different value to that when you select a Yearly P & L comparison report. The P & L reports are set on the preset ranges & it looks like the Advanced reports are set the same. Can you explain why there is a difference ?

Hi @avjohnch

I’ve found your account on our system. Are you able to give me an example time period where you notice this difference please, and I’ll take a look for you?

Many thanks . I am comparing 2015-2016 year . On P & L report reflects turnover of £44 249 versus the advanced reports of £41 259. Certain expense items also don’t agree .

I’ve taken a quick look and referred this to our dev team. I’ll update you as soon as we know more

I’ve checked this and it does appear that the segmented P&L report only looks at full months. In your case, where your year ends part way through a month, it would take the end of the month for reporting.

However, we’ve logged this in our planner and we’ll relook at this, as it should adhere to the accounting dates for the year view. Will keep you posted!

many thanks , look forward to an update .

Hi @avjohnch

Just a quick one to let you know that this has been fixed. Can you please try again and let me know if that’s working as expected for you please?

Hi there,

Yes thanks very much both reports now agree .



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