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Same name different customer

Hi. I have two customers with the same name. I do not have any middle initial to differentiate the two ladies. Is there a work-around for this please? Thank you, Catherine :smiley:

Hi @CPain

Perhaps including an email address or similar could work? Do you give your clients account references at all? If so, maybe including that would work too?

Ah yes I could give the lady an account reference…thank you will try that :smiley:

Ah no it wants a different name although I have added in an account reference. I will try adding an account reference to the other account with the same name to see if that makes a difference…

Sadly no that has not worked I have given the existing customer an account ref. which was accepted but it stalls at me adding another person of the same name…

I have a sort of work-around. I have added a full stop to the end of the new ‘same named’ customer…hopefully that won’t look too weird on the invoice! if anyone has a better suggestion please post ! Thank you.