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Sandbox limited to single record?

Is the sandbox limited to testing the xml for a single record (eg one invoice). When I have xml for a single invoice create it works fine, but if I put data for a second invoice in the body section (so I have


each in <>
as the end of one invoice and the start of the next) then I get an invalid child error.

The sandbox should be no different from the live endpoint, but according to the schema that wouldn’t allow more than one invoice either.

Hi @peterjland

As @ian_roberts mentions, the sandbox API works in the exact same way as if you were calling the API from a custom script.

The schema for Invoice_Create only supports 1 invoice being created at a time. If it supports more than one record, you should see a little symbol and a number next to it, similar to this:


Hope this helps

Thanks both. That has clarified. Life would have been significantly easier had I been able to upload all invoices in a single xml post, but at least I now know to stop beating my head against this particular wall.