Santander Bank feed not updating balance

My Santander Bank Feed expired in November 2022 . I have just renewed it but have two questions

  1. It is correctly showing transactions but the balance is not updating
  2. Transactions from November 2022 until August 2023 are not showing. How do I get them into Quickfile?

Hi @Chrisgu2

The balance on the account on QuickFile is derived from the transactions. If the balance isn’t correct, it sounds like there may be some missing transactions - as you suggest.

We’re only able to pull transactions in from the last 21 days (which can be done from the “More Options” menu on the bank statement view). Anything previous to this would need to either manually input or imported from an export, such as a CSV.

If you are able to get a CSV from your online banking account, this is likely to be the quickest and easiest way to bring the account up-to-date.

Please let us know if you require any help with this.

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