Santander bank feed problem

I mistakenly put in the incorrect security number.I am unable to remove the numbers i can backspace out under the settings tab, but as soon as i start the programme it puts back the incorrect numbers,so immediately tries to log on to account,with the wrong security numbers. I am now subsequently locked out until new log in details arrive in the post grrrrr

I have removed the bank feed and reinstalled,but it still remembers the incorrect details,there is no option (tick box )on the settings page to remember security number, but it constantly fills in the box.


I don’t think deleting the number only will suffice, you would need to save the correct number to move forwards.

The security number before was always blank for me to fill in.
s soon as the correct length of numbers were typed in it instantly opened the account
The security number although showing a series of dots, is always now filed in
My problem is every time I go to log in it immediately attempts to connect with bank,with the incorrect

Might help if when the field is filled in,you have the opportunity to “send”.

To blank out the fields you would need to go into your browser settings and clear the history. Once you do this it will also stop attempting to log in. You can also go into your extensions area and temporarily disable the bank feed plugin.

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As a first-time poster, I’d like to start by saying what a brilliant program I think Quick File is overall, and how intuitive I have found it.

But, I have just had the exact same problem with the Bank Feed Plugin on Santander mentioned in this thread and have ended up locked out of our on-line banking as a result.

It’s going to take some time for us to re-gain access as the bank has to re-set and re-send details to us in the post. As we need to check regularly whether clients have transferred money to our account, this is going to be a major headache.

It’s such a frustrating little bug. Surely it should be a simple process to prevent the app automatically trying to log in to prevent this happening to other people? As someone suggested above, if you had to click ‘submit’ or some such, then this wouldn’t happen.

Please consider adding this next time you’re making amendments. Thanks.

Hi Angela, sorry to hear about the problem you faced with Santander when using the bank feed plugin.

One of the problems we have with bank feeds is that breakages can happen whenever Santander (or any other bank) change something on their side. We’re always working against a moving target, which is far from ideal.

I will schedule a review of the Santander feed, if necessary we will remove the auto-login feature entirely from our plugin for Santander. I will get back to you as soon as we’ve had a chance to verify.


Having just tested this it appears that the plugin will display the following message when you incorrectly type the security number.

Now if you click back it may try and resubmit the form again, if you happen to do this multiple times I guess it could lock the account. As an extra precaution we’ve just made an update to STOP the auto login process whenever a single incorrect login warning is detected… This should be much safer!

Thank you so much for the quick response and the quick fix! Yep… that should solve the issue and prevent it ever happening again.

Thanks again.

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