Santander bank feed renewed but not working

I’ve renewed my santander bank feed but its no longer working even though it says its active. I did notice when renewing it that my business account did not appear on the list from santander. It may be a santander problem but they need to know.
I tried creating a new feed for the same account but it is still not downloading any data after activating.
Help please.

Hi @jgbtv

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems here.

Are you able to try completely revoking the Open Banking link please, and reconnecting it as a fresh feed? Your Santander account would need to be showing on the authorisation screen.

If needed, we can look at importing up to 28 days worth of transactions for you.

Hi Matt
I haven’t revoked it but I tried to set up an identical feed but that doesn’t work. I was concerned I’d lose some bank info if revoked and deleted the original.

Hi @jgbroadcast,

You wont lose any of the data that has already come through if you revoke.

Sometimes the feed just needs resetting so if you remove it and then reinstate, you should also be able to set the start date so that you can backdate the feed a few days

Thanks. Managed to fix it. My fault. I didn’t select santander ‘business’ account when re-activating.
Another issue I have though is, after creating another bank account I can not delete its name from the drop down menu under bank feeds. My original ‘Santander Business’ feed no longer appears on the drop down menu. I can only now select it if I select ‘All bank feeds’.

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