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Santander bank feed stopped

Hi - my Santander (Cahoot) bank feed stopped working. When I try to activate a new one, I am only given the option of linking to Santander banks in the US or Mexico, or something called Modelo or Forgerock in the UK. How do I get it restarted?

Hi @alexr

Are you using a Yodlee feed by any chance?

Thanks Matthew - yes, I was.

Ah, that would certainly explain it.

Yodlee feeds are no longer available as of the 14th March due to a change in legislation. The good news however is Santander is supports through Open Banking, so you should be able to set up an Open Banking feed for this account.

In the first instance, make sure your account is set to Santander (More Options >> Settings), and when you then go to activate the bank feed, you should be given the Open Banking option.

For full details on Open Banking support, we have a list here: https://www.quickfile.co.uk/openbanking/providers

Thanks Matthew - that’s working fine. The system is unhappy with Cahoot and seems to prefer Santander, who own Cahoot

Both Cahoot and Santander use the same Open Banking link - it’s just the way Santander have set it up. So in this instance, “Santander” would need to be the selected brand.

But glad to hear it’s all working for you :slight_smile: