Santander Bank Statement Upload Error

Hello, Im a new user and hoping to upload a text file bank statement, however, Im getting the error;

There was an error processing your file
There is no row at position 0.

Any ideas?

Hi @Tempo

It should be a .csv file rather than .txt.

If you need help, I’m happy for you to send the file you have to me in a private message (click my name and then ‘Message’)

Hope that helps!

Hello, I tried that first, then got this message;

Incorrect File Format
You must upload a TXT file here (Bank Statement 070116 to 060416.csv).

Plus this page seems to suggest Santander statements can be text files too?


Oops! My error. Sorry!

Yes, for Santander, we accept txt files. Do you want to send it to me in a private message, and I’ll take a quick look at the formatting of it for you?

Hi Matthew, thanks for your help. I downloaded in again from the Santander site in text file and it seems to have worked - thanks again!

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No problem, glad it’s all working. Let me know if you need any further help :slight_smile:

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