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Santander business bank feed not found

I’m trying to renew my santander business banking feed but when it connects to santander it loads the personal banking app not the business one, and then it tells me the only account available is my current account not my business bank account. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Paul_Courtier

Just wanted to confirm that I’ve understood correctly -

You have a Santander bank feed at the moment, but it’s due to (or has) expired. But when you try to renew it, it takes you to the personal banking page, and not the business one?

Is that correct?

Yes. Well the app on the phone rather than the web page but essentially the same thing.

Basically I have two apps. A santander current account app and a business banking app. When I try to renew or if I revoke the open banking and start fresh and select santander it will load my santander current account app and not the business banking app.

I can only access my business account from the business banking app so I can’t connect that account to QF as it only finds my current account.

I’m sure there was an option to either open app or Web page but that has since disappeared. If I could get back to that stage I could try the web page instead and login via the business page. How do I reset that option?

I managed to find a work around. I deleted the current account app which then made QF open a we page instead and I then logged in to the business account from there and connected the account.

But I think this could be an issue in the future for other people since santander has two apps depending on the account type and it it automatically loads one and not the other then this issue will continue.

Btw this is only related to when using a smart phone or tablet since there would be no app to load on a desktop pc.

Hi @Paul_Courtier

I’m glad to hear you managed to resolve this.

For Barclays, this is an option. I don’t believe this has ever been the case for Santander however. I would suspect your phone is set to automatically load such web addresses in the app rather than in a webpage, which is why when you deleted the app, it loaded the site directly.

I will however discuss this with the development team to see if there’s anyway to override this, but I don’t think it would be possible.

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