Santander Business Credit Card still always importing "GB" as description for credit transactions


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I’m just coming back to this again (not that I only get around to tagging my credit card transactions once a year…), and all my credit transactions from my Santander Business Credit Card feed still just have “GB” as their description. @QFMathew , you said a while ago that someone would take a look at this. Did they get anywhere?


Hi Richard,

I have had a look back and the dev team did take a look at it and there was the option to combine a couple of descriptions together but this would have caused issues with other transactions so I believe that the decision was made to leave it as is. Unfortunately, we can only work with what Santander provide in the feed details.

I will ask to see if anything has changed within the year to see if it would now be possible

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the super quick response. Ok, understood. I thought that was probably the case. I don’t suppose you have any contacts at Santander that you could pester to get this fixed?


Hi @Grinden

Have you noticed this with any particular transactions? From what I recall, Santander only supplied “GB” at the time of the feed running, but if you have a few examples, we can certainly take another look at this for you.

Feel free to send them in a private message to @QFSupport if you prefer

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