Santander Feed - Back online!

Just a quick update to let any Santander users know that we have temporarily disabled the Santander feed within our Chrome Plugin, due to a partial redesign on their login forms. At this stage the changes look very minor so we hope to have the feed backup and running in a couple of days.

Updates to follow shortly!


The new sign-in forms are being rolled out gradually, those on the new system will need to enter 3 characters from their password and security number. Our test account hasn’t been migrated yet so as soon as they’ve updated us we’ll make the required changes.

Was holding my breath :wink: Any timescale in view yet?


Our Santander account is still on the old login process, how about yours, have they moved you over yet?

Still the old one I’m afraid.


The new login form should look something like this. If any users are seeing these options please let us know.

Any more news on this? My log-in forms remain as per usual… So hoping to catch up with the bank sync soon :wink:



I’ve just spoken to Santander and as suspected they’re gradually moving people over to the new system. If you call them they will send out the new credentials. I’m told it takes 6 days to arrive so we can look at the development work thereafter.

In the mean time we will try to get the old system back online with a few extra controls to prevent any weird behaviour, if users are accessing on the upgraded forms.

Excellent, thanks, will be good to grab the data. I will also put in a call and see how that goes on the new access details. Have to say dealing with them via telephone has not been that smooth in my recent past!

Thanks again, PB

I have successfully logged on and downloaded data from my Santander account, but this has suddenly stopped working several days ago. Is this affecting everybody? I am logging in using the page shown above!
Can you help?

Santander are gradually moving to the new sign in process, some users have been moved over, some haven’t. We can’t maintain the feed for two different sign in processes so we’ve taken it offline for now until everyone has been moved across.

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@BanksyBoy @Vicki we have now updated the Santander feed to work with the new Santander Online banking area. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee it will work for both old and new, so I would recommend any Santander customers wishing to use the bank feed to call Santander and request your account to be upgraded.

We’ve just published the updated plugin to the Chrome Store (12:34) so it can take 6 hours before it will go live. To make sure you’re on the new version go into Chrome Settings >> Extensions and look for Quick File bank feed extension, it should show version 1.28 if it’s upgraded.

New Santander details input and downloaded. The only quirk was I had to re-run one download as the earliest entry was missed, once that was run the missing entry came across no problem. Santander and Quickfile are now in glorious sync!


Excellent, glad to hear it’s working! Not sure about the missed transaction, will keep an eye on that.