Santander / Google Plug In Link Update Query

Wondering if there is an issue as latest exports not appearing after a 3 hours or so?

Sorry it’s Friday, too!


Are you getting a successful response in the plugin? I.e. a thumbs up icon? I’ll check if any are backed up on the system.

I see 3 feed items on your dashboard waiting to be synced:

Cheers Glenn… puzzling as have been waiting for them to appear but not there? I will exit Chrome, re-start and see if that yields a result.


They don’t automatically appear in the bank account, you just need to go in there and manually process them. That should do the trick!

Yep, the re-start sorted… Have processed a dozen or so over the last month and the notification popped up within a few minutes, so I’m aware of what the next step is :wink:

I love it, makes bank reconciliation almost enjoyable!

Thanks again


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Hi Glenn

I am facing similar issue, i exported the Santander bank feeds yesterday and they have not appeared to date.

i have logged out and closed the browser, and went in again several times but not seeing the red button on the dashboard telling me ‘items to sync’

I will pm you the name of the company


Replied…the exports from Santander didn’t contain any transactions so the system skipped over them.

For now, i have manually downloaded these transactions in txt file and uploaded them.
There are existing transactions…