Santander Open Banking Passcode


I have previously had Openbanking set up for my Santander accounts and have needed to renew. I cannot remember how I did it before, but this time I was asked for my customer ID on the first page, which I input. On the next page I was asked for my passcode and registration number.

I have my registration number, but I do not have a passcode. I can only assume this is the OTO (one time passcode) which Santander sends by SMS. However, none is sent and there is no way to stimulate the sending of one.

Any ideas? I appreciate that this is a Santander portal, but things have obviously chenged since last time I renewed it.



There is indeed two passwords. One is made up of letters and numbers. The passcode is a 5 number sequence. You should know of it if you use online or mobile banking.

The otp passcode is sent after this.

When I first set up Santander online banking I had two create a separate password (longer, mixture of letters, numbers and symbols) and security code (5 digits) and it would ask me for three characters from each in the login process. More recently it only asks me for the full 5 digit security code and nothing from the password, though I guess it might want more if I logged on from a computer or browser I hadn’t used before. I think I can still remember the longer password though it’s been a while since I had to use it… :wink:

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