Santander OpenBanking Feeds

I used to down load direct from Santander to Quickfile and last month that stopped working - the option export to Quickfile option is no longer there. I recognise that instead I need to move to open banking feeds. However, when I try to do this using exactly the same personal ID as I use to log on to see and the bank statement it takes me to 3 completely different bank accounts. Should the personal ID for the open banking be different and if so how do I find out what it is, please?

Hi @HHHtreasurer

The login process is controller by Santander, so the details should be whichever details you use to log into your Santander online banking.

One thing to be sure if that you are selecting the right category on the login page (e.g. Personal or Business).

You will have two logins for santander, business and personal. Both will likely show both accounts but you’ll need the correct one for open banking.

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