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Santander .qif & .txt

Having been able to upload Santander .qif bank statements to my MacBook for the last 3 years, it now appears there is an issue.

As normal, I can download the file from the Santander site and transfer it across to my dashboard, but when I press “upload” the task bar freezes at around a quarter of the download, followed around a minute later by a blank “site not found” platform page.

My Mac has the latest software versions but Im wondering if something that you may be aware of has changed during any recent updates?

Any help will be most welcome.


Hi @Kazimirsh,

Nothing has changed on our side of things. Have you tried using a different web browser?

Have you tried a CSV version instead?

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the suggestion, I downloaded Explorer to my Mac and tried that way which resolved the problem.

Would be interested to know why, after a number of years doing it through Safari, this now doesn’t work.

At least if anyone else has the same issue they can try the alternate.

Thanks and regards


Did you check that you had the most up to date version of Safari? Sometimes things just glitch for no reason. You may find that next time you come to upload the statement it will work again with Safari

Hi Beth,

My system auto updates and I also double checked, and Im running with the most up to date version so not sure.



Have you tried a CSV version?