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Santander Yodlee feed


I have been using the automated feed from my santander account with no problem for the last 6 months but recently it stopped working with the last transaction shown as the 3rd Dec. When I run a manual update it does not report any of the transactions as seen at my bank account end.
Do you have any idea what might have happened?
Many thanks


Hi @markbudgen

I’m sorry to hear about the issues here.

When you do the manual update, are you able to enter a different date (e.g. 03/12/2018)? Does this change the result at all?


I am having the same issue with Yodlee and Santander. My last updated transaction was 16/11/18.


Hi @momo

I’m curious to know if you are able to see the date (mentioned above), or whether it doesn’t get that far?


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