Says Invoice is Sent but it Wasn't!

Hi there,
I created an invoice yesterday and sent it electronically to the client - CC-ing myself in as I normally do. However the CC email never arrived, so I thought I’d double check with the client whether they had received it (with this particular client, the invoice gets sent to two different addresses within their organisation). I’m told that they hadn’t received it either.

I sent it over manually so there’s no problem there, but I did look at the information here. I checked the client’s information to see if there had been any bounces and there wasn’t anything there. I don’t have the paid plan, so I can’t look at the full list of emails sent by QF. The invoice timeline thingy says that all emails were sent.

I’m using QF’s own mail provisions rather than my own SMTP. To be honest I was a little concerned by that thread seeing as the contributor seemed to be having issues across multiple clients which had caused him understandable chaos. Is this what I’ve got to look forward to? I’ve never had any problems with emails sending before now.

I’d be grateful for any assistance, thanks in advance.

My experience with emails, both with managing mailing lists and using Quickfile, is that a failure to send, while possible, is by far the least likely issue.

One problem is that email providers regularly update their anti spam algorithms so what worked last month may fail this month. At the moment using different “from” and “reply to” addresses with an embedded link often seems to be an issue which is why everybody here recommends using SMTP these days. Another is sending an email with your own “from” or "reply to " address to yourself from another email server.

If messages don’t bounce they may still be treated as spam and either go to a spam folder or simply be deleted.

Hi @Jenii_Lowe

@FolkLondon is correctly in that email is a bit of a minefield when it comes to emails not being received.

However, I will send you a private message just to see if anything is showing on our side, or if there are any obvious issues.

Hi there, thank you both for your help. I’ve received your PM @QFMathew and I will respond now.

So would the best course of action be to use my own email settings to send the emails? What does this entail - will QF simply send the emails as it does currently, but the actual sending function will be rerouted through my own email server?

That’s spot on. Instead of using the default settings, we’ll connect to your email server and send the email through there instead.

You would just need to know your SMTP settings, which your email provider can normally help with.

Thank you @QFMathew, where do I need to enter my SMTP settings please?

Hi @Jenii_Lowe

If you go to Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integrations, you should see an option to set your own SMTP server there.

You will need to complete the fields and then we’ll send a test to a specified email address for you.

Hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any further help.

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Hello @QFMathew,
Thank you so much for your help on this, it really is appreciated. If I have any further problems once I’ve set up SMTP sending then I’ll let you know.
Thanks again,

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