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Scanned receipts are invisible

Hi, only been using QF for a couple of weeks. Having a problem with Receipt Hub. I scanned a receipt and uploaded it to the Dropbox dedicated folder. On Dropbox it is visible and has been imported to the “imported” folder. However in QF itself the image is blank. I can link the receipt to a purchase but no way can I see the receipt itself.
My acct is 6131531866
Can you help?

Hi Nick-Gray, is the file saved in 1 of the following documents:

  • PDF documents
  • Images (png, gif, jpg, tif)
  • Word documents (Including RTF)
  • Excel spreadsheets (Including CSV)
  • Notepad documents
  • HTML documents

And did you try to upload your file directly to quickfile, can you see the invoice then?

The one that made it but is still invisible is pdf. As I recall, I copied it from my scanner into the Quickfile uploads folder on my Dropbox. The file is fine in Dropbox within the QF folder, but invisible in QF itself (eg when I go to Tag it, I get a blank square).
Could it be the size of the QF scan??

How big is the file? Are you able to upload the PDF from your device directly to quickfile, without using Dropbox, and is it visible then?

Hi @Nick_Gray,

Are you still having issues with the file? I believe I have managed to locate your account, I can see 2 receipts but neither are blank?

Is it the preview screen that isn’t showing the file for you? If you are able to upload a screenshot that may be helpful

i have issues Dropbox have over 60 receipts in but wont drag into quickfile i dont understand why my client has scanned into Dropbox but its not talking to quickfile even though ive turned it off and on again only 4 receipts went in is there a reason?or has the file size changed this may be the case?ive tried to drag and drop this wont work either.Account: 6131524628

Hi @jhanks0311,

If you go to dropbox.com are they showing in the QuickFile folder? Have you also made sure they are the correct file format. The file size shouldn’t be an issue as the limit is 5MB.

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