Scheduled Dispatch of Invoice

Is it possible to get a facility to schedule the sending of an invoice automatically on a date? I know we can setup a recurring invoice schedule and do 1 occurrence etc but that’s quite a hassle and a pain to do after you have started the invoice.

I tend to use invoices as time sheets in my work (consultancy) so will add line items of pieces of work throughout the month and then dispatch the invoice on the 1st of the following month for all of that month’s work etc. I like to send the invoice on the 1st to keep things neat and tidy and help cash flow etc but there are times when I forget or am busy on the 1st so if there was an easy tick box to send on date/time that would be great.


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Hi @nickb512

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll leave this topic open for others to add their suggestions and/or comments.

I add my vote to this feature

I do a lot of invoices like this but I just go straight to the Recurring Invoice page and create a profile rather than using the Create Invoice dialogue.

I don’t find the extra click to create a profile any big deal but a “send on future date” option for a single invoice would simplify training other team membersl. However I would need to be able to see all invoices diarised for future dispatch, either this way or through recurring invoice profiles in the same list.

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