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Just a quick question, would it be possible to create a new search feature?
At the moment you can search clients (and invoices) via name etc.
Would it be possible to search via postcode?

May seem silly however the amount of people that say invoice it to this address. Then someone else phones up and are like its John Doe. But they aren’t the guys who ordered nor do they know who did. If you can say, whats your postcode there and it brings up their invoices it would make it a lot easier for myself, and hopefully others too.



Thank you for the suggestion, I will leave this open as a feature request and we will review this should it prove to be a popular request.

+1 - Really need this!


Recently discovered there was no option to search by Postcode myself. Definitely think this should be possible


2020 and you still can’t do a client search by postcode…??? Surely this could be added easely ?

Thanks in anticipation

Would be a useful feature, we’ll look into this.

We have now introduced a postcode field to the advanced search area within the client and supplier lists.

This will enable you to isolate your clients and suppliers from a given postcode. From there you can drill down onto the relevant sales or purchase invoices.


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What is the smallest search available? I tried searching using “LL” and “CH” without any results. If an exact postcode is entered then of course a result appears, but a search feature should have more abililty than the exact entry. Make this feature more useful. This allows for further searching, if a customer can remember part of their postcode then a relevant search would be possible.

Bye the bye CH8 appears with a Union Jack Flag, why not a St. George’s Flag but that still would be wrong as in Wales, but that is another matter

The indexing that supports postcode searching is based on full post codes. This fits with the use case described in the opening post, where a client provides their postcode as a way to locate issued invoices. We may change this in the future, but it will require a slightly different indexing approach.

I think for those postcode areas that span across England and Wales (e.g. CH), we decided to take a more risk averse approach and just show a Union Jack. It’s very delicate ground and I’m sure if we had more granularity we’d be making a rod for our own back :slight_smile:

My suggestion of being able to do part postcode seaching would be useful to produce lists of clients that then could be an aid to a salesforce who do door to door selling. Only a suggestion and not a necessity to the businesses that I am involved with but some of QF users surely would like such a feature. Raise a new feature request?

The cross border postcodes seems to be defined for the use of different use of flag for SY Shrewsbury as Aberystwyth gets a welsh dragon for SY23, but not for CH areas. CH1, CH2, CH3 in England; CH4 in both England & Wales; CH5, CH6, CH7 & CH8 in Wales and then there are CH60’s on the Wirral. Can the Flintshire postcode areas be corrected?

Raised a seperate “feature” request Postcode areas CH5-CH8 change of flag

New feature request raised Search clients by partial postcode

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