Search project tags

It doesn’t seem possible to search for a project tag unless the exact name is known. It should be possible to search on the beginning or part of the name and all options that fit be shown then the correct one can be selected.

Hi @AntEmm

Can I just clarify where you’re referring to please? Is this when you’re creating an invoice, from the invoice preview, or the projects report page?

It is the reports - project management - advanced seach section


Hi @AntEmm,

If you know the start of the project tag then you can search by this. You don’t need to know the full tag name.

Unfortunately, if you only know the end of the tag then the search function will not work

Hi Beth. Searching the beginning of the tag doesn’t work! I have a tag that starts zaria but searching for zar doesn’t bring up any results. In fact I have just tried searching for the whole name correctly spelt and it doesn’t find it.

Hi @AntEmm,

Let me send you a private message to have a look into this for you, as the search works for me.