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Search Results Ignore Certain Threads

Recently I searched for VAT only invoice specifically to look for this topic.

But I had to use Google to find it as the Discousrese search ignores perfectly valid threads which are bang on target for some reason.

This is not the first time this has happened.

Hi @Lurch, I just want to get this right, your concern is that the topic you searched does not appear top of the search results, correct?

The issue was that the topic didn’t show up in the search results at all, but now it does so it’s obviously random.

This is not the first time I have been unable to find topics in the search when I know they are here somewhere. The Discoscores search implementation is obviously as random as the rest of the forum, but the search results issue makes this particular feature totally unusable.

I don’t know for sure how the search works in Discourse. The word “only” is a stop word, so it’s probably dropping that when it runs the actual query.

Stop Words are words which do not contain important significance to be used in Search Queries. Usually these words are filtered out from search queries because they return vast amount of unnecessary information.

I don’t understand why it would be random though? Also it does seem that the more relevant matches are pushed further down the screen.

Just chiming in to let you guys know that we’ve made some improvements to our search engine in the latest version. That issue should be fixed once this forum is updated to the latest version :wink:

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I can’t seem to get it to repeat the results with the missing entry, but I repeated the search several times the other day and the thread never showed up.

Even with the missing stop word it should still have found the thread based on the other 2 words. I’m not sure why other searches have been difficult but it’s definitely not normal. It may also explain why people keep posting the same things over and over again if relevant results are filtered from the searches.

OK thanks @zogstrip, we are a couple of versions behind now. Usually @techAPJ runs the updates for us but happy to do this myself if there’s no potential for me to muck things up :smile:

I will wait until after 6pm, run the update then see how this affects the search.

Wait a bit (ie. at least a couple of days). We just updated to a more recent version of Ember and we’re still going through hoops fixing all the deprecations :wink:

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