Search whole system for transaction amount?

I was just wondering if there is a way to search everytthing (including all bank accounts and invoices) for a transaction by using the amount?

I know I can do this for each bank account individually - just wanted to know if I can search everywhere at the same time, so I can save time. - cheers

Hi @witchway

Unfortunately this isn’t possible I’m sorry! Searching individual bank accounts or for the total of invoices (sales or purchases) is possible, but that’s the only way to do it.

ok - no problem - just wanted to make sure before I start fishing for figures - I know everyone says it but your customer support is just amazing - thank you!!

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If you have an account backup zip file then there are various ways you could search through all the CSVs in that for lines matching the amount you’re looking for. As a techy with a Mac computer I’d do it using the grep tool in Terminal. I doubt Windows Notepad will let you search in lots of files at once but there are more powerful freely-available text editors such as jEdit that have that sort of feature.

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Ah that’s a very good workaround - I’m still very new to quickfile so haven’t done any backups yet - this seems like the perfect excuse - thanks for the heads-up!

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