Searching on Purchase Invoice description

I’m guessing there is a delay on when stuff is indexed for searching.
When I have added purchase invoices with a description and then try to search on that description it shows no results.
Is there a certain amount of time delay before the description is searchable

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Hi @Antony_Nicholas

There may be a small delay, but it shouldn’t be too long. Happy to take a look at this if the issue still persists today?

Are you searching by short description, which you have edited yourself?

The purchase invoices I created yesterday are now searchable by description.
I created 20 purchase invoices at 9am this morning and I am still not able to search by description at 11.10am.

Hi @Antony_Nicholas,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I will send you a private message in order to get some further information from you

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