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Second business with affinity

hi guys,

completely lost here re affinity / power subscription…

really simple situation:

  • i have a limited business that i use quickfile for
  • i have recently set up a separate limited business too
  • i want to use quickfile to manage both businesses with ease

i did think its as simple as creating a new account for the second business, getting affinity then adding the two accounts on…however…

it wont let me create a new account for the new business with the same email address so i have presently only been able to add the 1 account…


  • What does affinity actually do?
  • What is power subscription?
  • What do i actually need…is affinity the right product?
  • If so how do i get the second business set up with the same email address as the first??
  • do i need to cancel the old account…aghhhh>

Appreciate any guidance :frowning:

Hi @jknight52406

You can’t have two QuickFile accounts with the same email address, you would be better to set up the Affinity account first and create the account through Affinity.

Affinity means that you only have to have one log in to access the accounts - so you log in to Affinity and then from there you can chose which QuickFile account to enter.

The power user subscription gives you additional features which you won’t get through Affinity. There are some guides which may help:
Power User Subscription vs Affinity
QuickFile Affinity overview

Thanks for this, im confused as i have set up an affinity account but its telling me to add the separate accounts to it?

are you saying that i should be cancelling my account for the current business, then in some way adding the current and the new business into infinity directly?

If so then i would be loosing all the info from my current business and starting from scratch or is there a migration facility?

Also how would the costs compare? ive read the help guides but this point still isnt clear to me

Hi @jknight52406

That’s correct. If you click on “Add profile” you will be given the option to either connect an existing account, or create a new one. You would link your existing business and you can then create your new QuickFile account from here too for the second business.

There’s no loss of data or need to start again, and likewise there’s no need to migrate - just link the account and job done! :slight_smile:

The Power User Subscription is currently £45 + VAT per year per account. So for 2 accounts, this would be £90 + VAT for 1 year.

Affinity is calculated differently. It’s based on the size of the account and the number of days the account is linked, as this product is primarily used by accountants (think of an accountant who only works with a client for 14 days in a year - they would only pay for the 14 days in this case).

We have a calculator for Affinity here, but worst case scenario you would have 2 accounts graded as XL, which is £5.95 per month (£71.40 + VAT per year, either paid monthly or in advance by top up).

Hope that helps!

thanks matthew,

just want to make sure ive got this right…

i have already set up for affinity and linked my current account but when i try add a second account it wont let me do it (it says it needs to be a different email address which i obviously dont want)

im not clear on the power user subscription as having read through there are loads of features but 99% of them i dont need.

my only goal here is to find an easy solution to manage 2 businesses through 1 login so could you expand further please?

im particularly confused as your colleage said i cant have 2 accounts on one email so i need to go through affinity (which i did in the first place and it wouldnt let me do it)

sorry but any further guidance would be amazing

When you try to create the account through Affinity, it should prepopulate the email box with an @quickfile-affinity.co.uk email address. You should leave it as this as it’s just a placeholder for the account access. (More info here: QuickFile Affinity overview)

This allows you to have the one email address for Affinity, and then you can have multiple accounts linked to Affinity. What @QFBeth mentioned above is correct if you’re creating the accounts directly rather than through Affinity.

This is only required for those who either want to take advantage of the extra features, or have an account graded as L or XL and not connected to Affinity.

It’s completely optional for Affinity users and not required to have it. If you don’t use the features of the Power User Subscription and you use Affinity, you can simply ignore the cost of the subscription.

thanks for this, re the email address thing…

but do i have to have 2 email addresses for the accounts that are linked to affinity? i have set up affinity ok and linked one account to it by clicking add profile…was that a mistake?

Now when you create your 2nd account IN affinity do not use the same email address, let it pick a random one for you instead.

There is no need to use the same email and it wouldn’t work even if you did.

Remember you only need to log in to affinity to access both accounts.

ahhhh ok thankyou…ive sorted it! so now i have affinity for my two businesses, what would you say is the main benefits of this vs just 2 separate log ins?

ps linked to this, are you any closer to an upgrade for CIS contractors?

I can’t say what the benefit of affinity is for you, because for me, it allows me to access tens of client accounts form the same login.

With regards to cis, id advise you check out moneysoft payroll manager.

Thanks guys, based on me needing to just run two companies through quick file, what are they key benefits to an owner in my position?

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