Second Halifax banking feed not available

Hello. Hope someone can help – I’m attempting to make use of the bank feed functionality. I’ve managed to activate it for my 2 x Lloyds accounts and 1 x Halifax account but the option to activate it for my second Halifax account is not available. I also tried connecting to the second Halifax bank account via Banking > Open Banking Feeds > Connect a Bank but Halifax is not available for selecting. The options jump from First Direct to HSBC. Very strange, particularly as I could add two Lloyds ones and Halifax are part of the same group and largely share the same IT framework… (only know as I implemented an IT project there a few years ago!). Thanks in advance.

Usually when you have two accounts with the same bank you can select both at the time of connecting. You can’t connect one account then start again by trying to connect another as you’ve noticed the bank doesn’t display in the list.

If you try to connect Halifax again from scratch you should see all the accounts listed to be selected, if you don’t then you’ll need to contact Halifax and ask why.

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There’s two “phases” to the bank feed process with Open Banking - QuickFile allows at most one “authorisation” per bank, but each authorisation can allow a data feed from several accounts at that bank. But the list of accounts that you authorise is fixed at the point of granting the authorisation. So what you need to do is:

  • revoke the current Halifax authorisation (which only includes one account)
  • create a new authorisation for Halifax, and this time when Halifax asks you which accounts you want to grant access to, select them both
  • now go to each individual bank account in QuickFile and select the appropriate account from the Halifax authorisation
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Thanks both — works perfectly. Followed Ian’s spot-on instructions!