Security of backups

Dear QF Forum,
First time newbie hear, so hi to everyone and apologies for dumb questions.

As you know VAT paperwork has to be kept for 6 years. Is it safe to leave all my VAT work (except the actual receipts) in QF? How safe is the backup? Is it legal? What is QF ceased trading?

Thanks for any advice.


You can schedule your own account backups to run once a week/month, this will give you a series of CSV files that mirror the data in your QuickFile account. You can also request an archive of any scanned material to be downloaded periodically, e.g. receipts, letters etc.

We make backups of our database every 15 mins and full offsite backups every 24 hours. We routinely audit backups and restore historic data to test resiliency.

You can actually see what backups we make and when here.

QuickFile Backup Schedule

Very helpful. Many thanks.

No problem, in regards to your query about recordkeeping, I can reference the following from HMRC’s guidance (source):

How to keep your records

The law does not say how you must keep your records. You need to keep some
original documents which show that tax has been deducted. An example is form
P60 End of Year Certificate for PAYE. We recommend that you keep all original
documents you receive.

Most records can be kept electronically (on a computer or any storage device such
as disk, CD, memory stick or microfilm) as long as the method you use:

• captures all the information on the document (front and back), and
• allows the information to be presented to us in a readable format, if we need to
see it.