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See Supplier Invoice Number

Quickfile creates a sequential number for all supplier purchase invoices (something I have no use for) and whilst I can enter the supplier purchase invoice number, this doesn’t show up. For example when I view the purchase invoice after creation, on the remittance advice etc. How can I change this - ideally to hide the automatically generated number which is just confusing and to show the supplier’s own number?

Hi @WalkerTim,

If you view the purchase invoice then the QuickFile number shows as the receipt number and then the suppliers invoice number is the Supplier Ref


I’m not sure why you can’t see this when you view the purchase?

Similarly on the Remittance: image

The Reference will be the suppliers invoice number, the Narrative then quotes the QuickFile reference

Supplier ref isn’t showing on either

I can find it on the purchase invoice (staff had stopped putting it in consistently as it isn’t easily visible where needed). However I would like to find out how to make it the dominant reference - ie appear on the lists of invoices, appear on remittance advices etc

I agree with you that it seems overly hard to find the proper supplier refs compared to the #QFxxxxx refs which show up all over the place.

eg: here is my list of Purchases:

To find supplier refs I have to click on each #QF link to see it.

It would be loads more useful id in the details tab here it said:
Allocated to #QF00228 (Supplier Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
or if there was an extra column for supplier ref.

The same goes for the list of payments to a supplier.
eg. I want to see if I have paid invoice ref ADG43563 to Microsoft I have to click through each one.

If it gave more information in the details tab:
Allocated to #QF00228 (Supplier Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
listed the supplier ref & supplier invoice dates/details as extra columns
it would be a lot more helpful here.

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Could someone advise how this can be done?


This can’t be done at the moment. You would need to start a feature request for it

how do I start a feature request?

I have altered this thread to a feature thread for you

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Can I suggest also the supplier name.

We also from time to time need to see which payments settled which particular invoice/s. QF invoice numbers are not helpful. I think is supplier reference can be displayed on payments screen (just like supplier invoice screen) then without going through each invoice, all info will be displayed on one screen.

But I do wonder if one payment covers multiple invoices, how do you display them all.

Hi Beth,

It would be nice to have this feature added. Please do let me know once it has been incorporated. Thanks