Segmented P&L Date Ranges


When I run the segmented P&L and choose the option months I get 12 months of data however the 12 months are only for the period dated at the run date (i.e. April 2020) back to May 2019. However my financial year runs April 2019 to March 2020. Is there a way of being able to put in start and end dates for the report when running?


If you look again. You see a tab called custom…

Hi Paul,

Please can you screen shot that for me as I can’t see it on my screen. I have a tab called “report” and another called “visualise”.


I thought you meant the section Reports - Profit and loss

Sorry Paul I was referring to the segmented profit and loss report.

Where do you find the segmented profit and loss report? Do you mean custom reports?

Reports\show all reports
Then under popular reports there is the report “segmented profit and loss”

Ah I see it now. So if your year end is March 20 then selecting year end date instead of month. Should do exactly what you are asking for.

If the year end option isn’t showing totals up to your actual year end then something else must be wrong. Probably the year end setting under account settings.

Hi Paul,

When choosing the year end date it shows the total for each financial year in a year on year comparison which is great looking at things in their entirety however my directors want to be able to see a report showing each period of the current financial year month by month.

So for example financial year ended 31.03.20 I would like to see a column for each month starting at April 19 through to March 20.

That’s what I’d like to be able to achieve.

So you can create a custom report to do just that.
If you click on custom report. You will need to add every nominal you wish to view. You can preset the date range and display results by month.
Give it a go and see how you get on.

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I export the segmented P&L to Excel. Then I can add each month onto to the existing document and build it up for as long as I want.