Select all - not just the displayed screen

How do i select all items in an account? The select checkbox only selects those displayed on the screen.


Hi @Vistaro,

This isn’t possible I’m afraid, you can download an account back up and then filter out the information that you need using spreadsheet software. Otherwise you can download a page at a time and then merge them onto one sheet.

Can i add this as a feature request _ I’m sure its not just me that would like this and it sounds a relatively simple fix - but I’m not a Dev!

There are various threads about this general subject, and possibly already a feature request. Probably find more discussion and explanations if you search for “50 page limit” and similar.

Out of interest though, what are you actually trying to do? I can see maybe this might be need to be done once in a while but it isn’t something that I think would normally be done so maybe there is already of doing what ou are trying to do?

I wanted to delte around one thousand transactions I had uploaded incorrectly and had to do about 20 of 50 item deletes

I suspect the ability would be useful for multiple tagging, notes, categories etc especially when you are just starting and have uploaded about 3,000 transactions that need tagging - another feature request would be to upload transactions with categories and notes rather than just the amount - altho’ to be fair a thorough review of my current categories is probably a good idea and long overdue - but not the point :slight_smile:

Yeah, agree on the upload settings, they could do with being a bit more flexible in some areas. I’m guessing you’re uploading historic data to have that many uploads? I’ve set up several accounts and never bothered with that tbh, already done it once, don’t need to repeat the last however many years work!

Was this just for the banking? You can undo the uploads, although it’s not something I use much. Not sure if it’s only for the last one uploaded?

Primarily for the banking but I’ve not started on the other accounts yet so not sure fo the scale of the problem

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