Select email template when bulk emailing

From the Invoice Management, I want to select multiple outstanding invoices and then send an email to all the related primary contacts AND choose which email template to use. For example, I want to send a Reminder 2 to all of them. How do do that?

The option to use one of the overdue reminders will only appear if the invoice is actually past is due date.

If the invoice is overdue you can send them on an individual basis like this. But I’m afraid you can’t do this in bulk.

If the invoices are all related to the same client I would suggest instead maybe sending a client statement.

Hi Glenn,

I have used this functionality before for individual events. My question is about how to do this for bulk emails (once you have selected a dozen overdue invoices from the Invoice Management page.

I’m afraid doing this in bulk is not supported. I will however leave this open as a feature request.

Sorry I did mention that it can’t be done in bulk on my reply but for some odd reason that paragraph got hidden.

Thanks Glenn. At least it would be good to be informed that the standard template will be used with the opportunity to cancel the operation. As it happened, I ended up sending 12 customers (who were on the 2nd reminder) the first cover email, as I thought that I would at least have a chance to cancel the operation if it didn’t give me the choice to choose the template I wanted.