Self assessment

hi, im very new to quickfile.

does anyone know if it possible to meet the information needs of self assessment using Quickfile, whilst not having to pay for any extras?

Before entering all my information for the year id like to know that im not going to have to pay heavy charges to have the final figures!

any help would be appreciated


Hi - I assume you are a sole trader and you have registered the business with hmrc and got your UTR (unique taxpayer reference?

When is your year-end? The year-end close in QF is very straight-forward as it will just create a year-end journal, capturing sales (business income) and any other balances on the nominal ledgers. I found the on-line submission for self-assessment quite easy and you just follow the steps, making sure you tailor your return to your particular circumstances. Basically I did it all myself (without the need for an accountant).

Hope this helps!

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