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Self Billing Invoices

Hello, I’ve been using QF for a while but have been raising invoices in word & then I pdf them. I want to make them look more professional so thought I’d try the functionality in QF.

We raise a number of self-billing invoices for suppliers does anyone do this and does anyone know if it is possible to have a separate template for these invoices?

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Hi @AJ1925,

You can customise your sales invoices but you can’t customise your purchase invoices in the same way as these invoices aren’t usually sent out

Thanks @QFBeth Is this something that might be changed in the future?

Self billing invoices do need to be sent out, does anyone have a work around this please or do you just raise an invoice outside of QF?

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Hi @AJ1925

One workaround you could use is to:

  1. Create the purchase in QuickFile
  2. Once created, download it as a PDF file
  3. Attach the PDF in an email to your supplier

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.