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Self employer as LTD shareholder


My girlfriend selling on Amazon where there is problem to update account to LTD from self employer, So I wanted to create LTD and make her shareholder as well (the best hidden)
Can self employer be a shareholder of LTD?


Hello @awariat

I just want to confirm your query - are you just looking for general advice on whether a self employed person can be a shareholder of a limited company?


Yes. please. I try to find on google but it is not clear.

What I want to do is : LTD company imports goods from EU and sells to customers in UK. It sells as well to self employer (my girlfriend) who sells it on Amazon. But I want her to be shareholder of LTD as well - but I don’t know is it OK.


Generally speaking, yes, a self employed person can also be a shareholder in another company. However, it may be worth running it passed someone with a bit more know-how on this. Our friends at The Company Wizard may be able to help:


They can also help with the incorporation process should you decide to go down this route.